Meet The Maker

     Hi there,  I'm Rachel Sullivan and I'm a fiber artist living on a small scale farm in Avalanche Acres,  Alaska near Moose Pass. I grew up on Fox Island,  Washington and also studied and worked as a river guide in Colorado. I came to Alaska to guide scenic rafts on the Kenai and fell in love.   I started making hats in 2008 during my first Alaskan summer and have been creating them ever since.

    I have enjoyed working from home and fitting this artwork into my life while raising 3 kids with my husband,  Adam.  I received my first angora rabbit, Uno as a gift from my husband and now our angora herd has grown to 13 loveable fuzz balls of fiber.  Their hair is 8 times warmer than wool and it feels like magic to spin into yarn. 

   Not all of our hats have their fiber but if they do, a card will be attached with their photo.  We harvest their hair a few times per year and they love being brushed.   

 Alaska is my muse and I'm inspired by the vast scenery and small surprises of nature.  I also find inspiration in  poetry, literature and lyrics. It is an honor to create bright and happy coziness to accompany the dark and frigid Alaskan winter.  I hope you find something that you will love for many winters!